It is with tears in my eyes that I write this. First let me thank you again for your kindness and visit. One of my special needs students came to me yesterday and asked if I would spend my lunch break with him and read to him!  We spent the entire 1/2 hour reading the first several chapters of your book. This morning he came to me and said “Mrs. R, can we shut your door, I want to show you something.” I brought him in my room concerned. He opened up the book and struggled through but read me an entire paragraph! This is the first time in two years that he has even tried to read. I am so please and blessed that Kyle can make that great of an impact in such a short amount of time. Thank you for all that you do, I am sure you will never know all of the lives that have been touched by your speaking to young students.

Megan Reinhart

Heard you speak Saturday in Panama City. You autographed a book to my son Cade. He HATES reading at ten years old. He is through chapter one of The Sparks and I had to wrestle the book out of his hand!

Thank you for writing a BOY story that he can visualize! He’s so excited to read about ninjas and assassin’s! Thank you for giving him this adventure.

Aubrey Davey
Teacher and Parent

Thank you for the wonderful sessions that Kyle delivered. The kids and teachers are still talking about it! One student told me he read half of The Sparks that night and couldn’t put it down – until his mom made him.

Beth Anderson
Pinellas County Student Literacy Conference Organizer

Kyle was very energetic and engaging! Our reading students loved him! He is definitely a must see!

Paul Douglas
8th grade intensive reading teacher

Kyle Prue was very enthusiastic and enjoyable to listen to. Our students were so interested in his story about how he got where he is. Our students already began to read his book during lunch. His writer’s workshop was so inspiring for one of our students who has been trying to write a book. Very inspiring for young teens!

Student Literacy Conference Pinellas County

It was refreshing to see a young adult so passionate about reading and writing. I watched my students sit on the edge of their seats in order to hear what Kyle was going to say. I think it is a great resource to put students and young authors in a room where they can interact while learning. My students left his assembly excited about reading and writing!

Student Literacy Conference Pinellas County

Kyle has a wonderful way of connecting, as well as entertaining, each and every student that is in the audience.

Student Literacy Conference Pinellas County

I got the opportunity to hear Kyle Prue speak at one of the general sessions of the Florida Reading Association Conference in Orlando, Florida.  I was so impressed with his presentation that I wanted to bring him to speak at our local conference.  The Bay County Reading association recently hosted our 32nd annual reading conference in Panama City, FL.  We had around 400 K-12 educators from Bay and surrounding counties in attendance.  Kyle came to be the keynote speaker for our general session.  He was such a hit with our teachers! We received nothing but positive feedback from our attendees, and the crowd response during his presentation was so fun to watch.  We were able to provide our attendees with a copy of his first book and Kyle took the time after the session to sign the books and take pictures with everyone.  It was such a positive experience. This young man has a real talent for speaking and I have no doubt that he will accomplish great things as his career continues.

Terri Lowe
Bay County Reading Association Conference Chair

The kids absolutely loved hearing Kyle speak! He was engaging, funny, and motivational. After he spoke to the kids on Friday. many of them had finished his book, The Sparks, by the following Monday. He did an absolutely fabulous job of motivating some of our reluctant readers into reading for their own pleasure. This is no small feat.



Jared Powell, Pellston Middle/High School

“Kyle Prue captivated an audience of 10th, 11th, and 12th graders at Eisenhower High School.  He inspired readers and writers of all levels with an engaging, relevant, and relatable presentation.  Students were enthralled with Kyle’s anecdotes and personal experiences with reading and writing on his journey to becoming an award winning, published author.  Days later, students are still talking about feeling inspired to write after listening to Kyle speak. What a great way to start off our school year! I would highly recommend Kyle Prue’s presentation as it is meaningful, fresh, and engaging–just what our students need!”

Lisa Packan, Eisenhower High School Shelby, MI
English Teacher

“Although the kids loved meeting all the YA authors at the Riverdale Reading Festival, Kyle was no doubt the most popular. The kids were lined up to get their books signed and to get photos with Kyle. I have just finished reading The Sparks and I couldn’t put it down. I have recommended it for all of our branches.”

Amy McWilliam
Ft Myers, FL Librarian

Inspiring is how I would describe Kyle’s presentation to our students. The tales of his journey from a first grader completing his daily journaling to a published author had the students mesmerized. His message was one of determination, perseverance and resilience. His friendly and honest approach helped our students connect with him. It was one of the best assemblies we have had for our students. Kyle inspired our students to become writers and readers!

Walter Fitzpatrick
Trombly Elementary School

“Kyle spoke at Trombly Elementary School in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, to the rapt attention of an audience of 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. Although The Sparks is aimed at a slightly older reader, Kyle’s engaging manner kept the children interested for an hour. He sheds bright light on his experiences as a young writer pursuing his dream, and inspires children to pursue their own passions. Highly recommended.”

Eric Frakes
Teacher, Trombly Elementary School, MI

“Kyle will NEVER begin to fathom the depth to which he touched some of our most at risk students. I am forever grateful. I have pictures of the kids devouring the book and they rated it a hands down 10 stars. The best part was Kyle stopped by unannounced today to sign a poster of his characters and several of our students were making t-shirts of his book cover! Let me emphasize the fact that these are STUDENTS IN INTENSIVE HELP FOR LANGUAGE ARTS AND STRUGGLING RELUCTANT READERS. This event was a BREAKTHROUGH IN A HUGE WAY!”

Beth Lindenmeyer
Media Specialist, Pine Ridge Middle School Naples, FL